'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Evening Chess League and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 328 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

18 June 2020

Welcome back!

The 6th jamboree took place on 15th June and because of social distancing regulations it was played over the Internet using the lichess.org website. On the evening I had 3 enquiries asking what the rate of play was and one person needed to be talked through the procedure. Then another had a late change of email address to one which wasn't recognised by the email service but thankfully that was resolved somehow. I was told later that another player's very old computer didn't recognise bishop moves! These difficulties apart, the operation went very well and all games were completed.

The history of the competition shows the following results:
2015 - Won by Woodshifters on a tie break over The Four Tops
2016 - Won by KOST on a tie break over Archbishops
2017 - Won by KOST on a tie break over Woodshifters
2018 - Won by Harrogate Youth Chess Club on a tie break over Archbishops
2019 - Won by Empress.

Now we can add 2020 - Won by Archbishops in a tie break over Empress.

Clubs competing were:


WHITEscore     BLACK
A1: Mate Ther   1 - 0B1: Paul May
C1: Jon Round   1 - 0D1: Adam Hall
D2: Peter Rawcliffe   0 - 1E1: Mark Daley
E2: Max Parkhouse   0 - 1A2: Steve Revell
B2: Chris Tatham   1 - 0C2: Brian Coop
A3: David Harasym   0 - 1C3: Paul Pritchard
E3: Andrew Zigmond   1 - 0B3: Alan Riddle
B4: Mick Carrigan   0 - 1D3: Gordon Maks
D4: John Swiers   0 - 1A4: Cameron Funnell
C4: Peter Gregory   0 - 1E4: Richard White


Since 2018 they have been applied in this order until there is a result:
1. Team with a handicap wins.
2. If teams have played each other, whoever won that game.
3. The highest total scores of opposing teams. This is not applicable where there are 5 teams.
4. If a team had an upward float, add half a point to score or if downward float deduct half point.
5. Delete result on Board 4, then 3 etc till there is a winner.

So, in this tournament Archbishops won at step 2. Note that they would also have won if it had gone to step 4 or step 5.

From next year, I want to bring in a new Step 1 which would be the team whose opponents had the highest total ECF grades as at January of that year meaning that the team who played notionally the strongest opponents would win. This ought to bring an immediate decision but in the unlikely event of these being equal we move on to the existing steps.

Out of interest, the total ECF grades of opponents this time was:

So Archbishops also would win on this system. Note the tough luck for Wetherby, the lowest rated team who had the highest rated opponents.

Thanks very much to Mick Stokes for writing such a marvellous report.

There are plans to play the remaining fixtures over the internet. I won’t insist on this but leave it to the individual captains. Whether the season is completed or not; I will put it on the agenda for discussion at the AGM which will be held at the St Roberts Club, Harrogate at 8pm on Thursday 17th of September.

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