'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Chess Association and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 329 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

25 June 2020

A League match via lichess.org was played between the Archbishops and the Woodshifters. It ended in a 2-1 victory for the hosts making them League Champions.

Congratulations to the Archbishops!

Lichess.org is a strange computerized version of playing chess over the board. Some people take to it like a duck to water; others are mystified. In both cases its not as good as the real thing – I speak for myself – it certainly takes time to get used to it or adapt to it. Still, the Woodshifters were no walkovers for the hosts as Peter Rawcliffe played stonking chess on Board 2 and Adam Hall solid stuff on Board 1 to give a respectable scoreline to the match.

Other teams in the League can play their outstanding matches on lichess.org if they wish but I will not insist on it.

Games played via lichess.org will not be graded.

Here are the details: Result

BLACKscore     WHITE
Mate Ther   ½ - ½Adam Hall
Mick Stokes   0 - 1Peter Rawcliffe
Steven Revell   1 - 0Gordon Marks
David Harasym   1 - 0John Swiers
  2½ - 1½


LEAGUE TABLE * Played *Won * Drawn *Lost *For *Against *Points *
Empress420210 4
Wetherby A30033100
Wetherby B4004140

The AGM will be held at the St Roberts Club, Harrogate at 8pm on Thursday 17th of September.

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