'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Chess Association and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 331 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

18 July 2020


Through their friendship as members of England Seniors Chess Team, Mick Stokes who captains Archbishops Chess Team and Mark Page who runs Kenilworth Chess Club arranged a match online using www. lichess.org which was played on the evening of Thursday 16th July. Youth also played its part as the Archbishops team was led by 15 year old Mate Ther and the Kenilworth team included 2 junior players. The match was played over 10 boards with each player playing two games against their opponent. The rate of play was 15 minutes plus 10 seconds for each move. As three players were borrowed from KOST and two more from former Woodshifters players now living in the south, the team was designated Harrogate Archbishops. The board order was Mate Ther, Leon Wooldridge, Mick Stokes, Paul Pritchard, Brian Coop, Clifford Marcus, Jon Round, Steven Revell, David Harasym and Cameron Funnell. The match is being used as a fundraiser for Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity. They have commented as follows "Thank you very much for your support of Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity, it is very much appreciated. Your support helps us to fund equipment and services over and above what the NHS is able to fund, making a difference to the care and experiences of patients and their families. I have shared your fundraising link on our Facebook and Twitter Pages". Supporters can donate fixed amounts or a sum per move using the link http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MichaelStokes20. The current total stands at over £300.

In a very closely contested match, Tte teams produced a final score of 10½ to 9½ in Harrogate Archbishops' favour. A total of 944 moves were made with the longest game reaching 93 moves and the shortest only 21. Notable performances for the Archbishops came from Cameron Funnell and Mick Stokes who won both of their games and Mate Ther, Jon Round and Clifford Marcus who all won one and drew one. Anyone wanting to know more about the event and how to view the games played can email mstokeschess@gmail.com

The match result is attached.

Harrogate Archbishops v Kenilworth, Thursday July 16th 7.30pm


Board Player Lichess Name Match Score Player Lichess Name
1 Mate Ther HarrogateBoy 1.5 - 0.5 Paul Lam gmman88
2 Leon Woolridge leonwool 0.5 - 1.5 Mark Page thelateshow
3 Mick Stokes HighcrossNomad 2 - 0 Joshua Pink Imscar
4 Paul Pritchard Caissalove 0.5 - 1.5 Mike Donnelly Themistocles480BC
5 Jonathan Round Jonnycoo 1.5 - 0.5 Jude Shearsby Spohsib
6 Clifford Marcus MacDonaldKarlovich 1.5 - 0.5 Bernard Charnley bjcha21
7 Brian Coop Forcres 1 - 1 Ed Goodwin Edy_G
8 Steve Revell LostHedgehog 0 - 2 Ben Graff Greenbecker
9 David Harasym DavidHarasym 0 - 2 Bernard Rogers Batboy1961
10 Cameron Funnell Archbishop_Tim 2 - 0 Billy Fellowes Billythekid30
      10.5 9.5