'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Chess Association and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 334 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

1 October 2020


Here is some more information concerning the AGM. The jamboree, which was held in June was played over the Internet. However, the organization, prizes and expenses borne by the League are still outstanding. As no monies were collected at the jamboree I ask all players that took part to send £1 board fee via the team captains as soon as possible so that the League accounts can be brought up to date. KOST, Wetherby and 2 players (Adam and John) from the Woodshifters still owe money. So far the accounts amount to a balance of £45.62 which includes jamboree fees yet to be received and estimated engraving costs yet to be paid. One important item is the trophy. I regret to say that the trophy is missing. I ask all members of the KOST team who won it last to check their cupboards, shed &c just in case it has been mislaid. I am estimating a cost of £8 to engrave it.

Any further information will be produced at the AGM when it is convened. In the meantime, here are the solutions to problems 53 and 54.

Solution to problem 53:


Despite being a piece and 2 pawns down white wins with 1. Rh8+!!, Kxh8 2. Qh3+, Kg8 3. Qxe6+ and after Kh7 4. Rh2 is mate.

Solution to problem 54:


White wins in an ozaic way: 1. g7, g2 2. g8=Q, Rc2 3. Ktf6, g1=Q+ 4. Qxg1+, Kxg1 5. Ktg4 and Black is in zugzwang!

Thanks to Bill Hartston’s column in the Independent for problem 54. Anyone who’d like full details of this can text or e-mail me.