'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Chess Association and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 336 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

9 November 2020

The lichess tournament organized by the Harrogate Chess Club has just started and Brian Coop is leader of the pack!

LiChess Championship* Played *Won * Drawn *Lost *Points *
B Coop22004
J Spratt21103
M Stokes21103
S Wild11002
L Wooldridge11002
P Rawcliffe21012
A Hall10101
A Zigmond10101
H Baxter10010
S Bermejo10010
C Funnell10010
C Marcus10010
J Swiers10010
C Watt10010

Two former players in the club and the League viz Clfford Marcus and Leon Wooldridge are also in it. In a previous lichess match, Leon was white in this position. Can you see the fantastic move coming next? White to move and win!

Problem 57

Li Chess Black: 12 men

Leon Wooldridge White 12 men