'Bugle' is published by the Harrogate Chess Association and reproduced here by permission.

Bugle 338 - Harrogate Evening Chess League

17 December 2020

The climax of the tournament has arrived and there are only 2 players with a clear lead. They are Jeff Spratt and Steven Wild. The tournament is being held in place of the club championship which has been suspended by the plague.

LiChess Championship* Played *Won * Drawn *Lost *Points *
J Spratt43107
S Wild43107
M Stokes42115
L Wooldridge42115
H Baxter32014
B Coop32014
C Marcus42024
P Rawcliffe42024
A Hall31113
A Zigmond31113
J Swiers41032
S Bermejo30030
C Funnell10010
C Watt40040

Solution to problem 56:


Black wins by undermining the king’s bishop and white’s game falls to pieces:

1…., Rxc3! 2. gxh5, Rd2! 3. Qxd2, Bxe4+ 4. Qg2, Rh3! 5. Resigns as he cannot avoid mate on h2.

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!